Biometrics Challenges in the European Banking Ecosystem

The EAB is organising on April 21 and 23, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm CEST, a virtual Conference on the evolving role of biometrics in securing banking industry ID transactions.
It will be run and moderated in cooperation with Cabinet Louis Raynaud (CLR Labs).

The European banking ecosystem is a hyper-regulated market, encompassing accounting policy, risk credit, and involving Agencies such as the EBA (European Banking Authority) in Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing actions. In this respect all main banks’ activities are impacted by European regulations and by the digitalisation of the society. This digitalisation is characterised by the use of electronic money (which started in the USA in the 70’ and was secured by EU chip cards at the beginning of the 90’), as well as by the development of connected digital banking services. There is an evolving trend toward targeting new on-line services. With new market entrants composed by neobanks and fintech, this digitalisation has been accelerated.

Biometrics is now a critical technology empowering several policies to make sure that any customers’ and prospects’ digital identity are secure when entering into:
– Purely on-line on-boarding or enrolment to a new account – covered by the AML regulation also known as “Know Your Customer”;
– Secure electronic authentication to your on-line banking account – covered by the PSDII directive;
– Secure electronic signature when subscribing to on-line services – covered by the eIDAS regulation;
– Secure contactless physical payments.
The event will be centred on policy, standard and technologies around three pillars:
– Digital Identity and biometrics in the banking world: The Policy landscape
– The Biometrics technology challenges of the digital Identity verification
– Focus on key topics and future challenges.

The Conference will be held virtually on April 21 and 23, from 9:30 am till 13:30 pm CEST from our proprietary BBB platform.
Fifteen Speakers from various EU Agencies, Inter-Banking Associations, National Data Protection and National IT Security Agencies, as well as expert consultants in ID banking security, certification, standards, and specifically related biometric solution providers will explain and comment the various components of the European banking ecosystem and their complex inter-relations to harmonize, maintain and develop robust and sustainable biometric ID transactions’ security.

An expert panel discussion will analyse the respective needs, risks and opportunities for more controlled, regulated and standardized use of biometrics in emerging banking transaction modalities.

Here you will find details on speakers, panellists and topics.

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