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Berlin I 22. – 24. Mai 2023
Joël Demarty
Cybersecurity Innovation Director, Thales Group

Joël Demarty ist Cybersecurity Innovation Director bei Thales DIS.
Zuvor war er Technical Director des Geschäftsbereichs Automotive & IoT Solutions bei Thales.
Bevor er 2018 zu Thales (ehemals Gemalto M2M) kam, war Joël VP Product and Program Management bei Sequans, einem Fabless-Chipsatz-Unternehmen, das WiMAX- und 4G-Lösungen entwickelt.
Joël Demarty hat einen PhD und MSc in Bildverarbeitung von Telecom Paris.

Dienstag, 23. Mai 2023

Digitale Identität

FORUM 8-C | TUTORIAL Building secure and trusted digital identities to achieve digital sovereignty

Governments, organizations and individuals all want to achieve digital sovereignty, i.e control their own digital destiny and digital identity is the cornerstone of this digital sovereignty. There are many challenges ahead to ensure the successful rollout of a digital identity framework that will meet the high expectations on security, convenience, interoperability, etc…  We will review these challenges and how they could be resolved based on Thales experience. We will also look in the future and see how digital identity framework could be leveraged in other valuable use cases, like IoT.

Joël Demarty
Cybersecurity Innovation Director, Thales Group
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