OSPT Alliance Updated CIPURSE Mobile Guidelines

The updated CIPURSE Mobile Guidelines 1.1 enhance functionality in five areas, reinforcing CIPURSE Mobile Guidelines’ state of the art status in the NFC marketplace, and enabling transport operators, MNOs and OEMs to future-proof their ticketing interests in line with long-term and unforeseen market developments.

  • The PxSE Applet and API define a universal proximity system environment, which offers efficient application selection in multi-application environments. This enables access terminals to better identify and connect with the required application on a secure chip to authorise access and supports CIPURSE’s use for all applications beyond payments.
  • Remote Management facilitates configuration or personalisation of CIPURSE applets as well as key management using established over-the-air (OTA) and over-the-internet (OTI) mechanisms.
  • Event Handling enables the CIPURSE app to communicate changes originating from interaction with a contactless terminal to user interface applications such as wallets. This keeps end-users informed of completed transactions.
  • Logical Channels simplifies the management of possible conflicts arising from multi-selection, promoting a good customer experience. For example, it ensures that during an OTA operation on the CIPURSE applet the user can still validate their ticket on a terminal.
  • mPOS functionality standardises the way mobile devices are used as terminals to conduct transactions with CIPURSE cards or devices, for example to validate tickets.

 “These updates have been developed in response to significant changes in the market,” said Laurent Cremer, Executive Director, OSPT Alliance. “They form a means of ensuring applications developed for NFC handsets are scalable and flexible to meet future industry demands. Additionally, because they are based on the CIPURSE standard which can be used on cards and other devices, your card based applications can easily be migrated onto NFC handsets as and when required by the market.”

An example of CIPURSE usage on mobile can be found in Hungary, where Magyar Telekom PLC (a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) has become the first company worldwide to develop a mobile wallet application with a NFC SIM that is based on the CIPURSE open standard. Laurent Cremer adds: “This shows that CIPURSE is available now across a full range of media and can be easily integrated into both mobile and card based systems today.”  

 The CIPURSE Mobile Guidelines 1.1 can be downloaded without charge at


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