Telenor Selects G&D and Gemalto to Realize Norway’s First Commercial NFC Project

This represents a new level in Telenor’s close partnership with G&D. As in the Tap2Pay project, G&D will also be playing a key role in the commercial phase. Using G&D’s OTA solution, Telenor can remotely manage NFC services on SIM cards, allowing DnB NOR’s payment application to be securely downloaded to the protected area of the user SIM. G&D’s OTA solution enables access to the SIM card, initial personalization of the security domain, and management of access authorizations for service providers and their applications. As a result, Telenor can enable any service provider to introduce further NFC applications, such as public transport tickets.

G&D’s OTA NFC solution, the SmartTrust® NFC EnablerTM, brings new business opportunities within Telenor’s reach. This solution entails upgrading G&D’s SmartTrust® DPTM platform, which Telenor already uses for Over-the-Air (OTA) management of SIM cards along their entire lifecycle. Implementation of the new “Remote Application Management over HTTP” standard as part of the delivery ensures faster and more reliable connections for TSM transactions than have generally been possible before. In addition, G&D is supplying Telenor with the multi-application NFC SIM cards for the project.

Beside G&D Gemalto is providing TSM Nordic, a company owned by Telenor and DNB, with mobile contactless technology for Norway’s first mobile NFC payment service. Gemalto is providing a comprehensive solution including the multi-customer, shared Allynis TSM Hub as well as comprehensive integration and deployment support to offer Norwegian consumers the convenience of mobile contactless payments, with a rich mix of additional services including coupons, loyalty programs and ticketing. Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Services Manager (TSM) solution is hosted and operated in Gemalto’s secure data centers certified by MasterCard and Visa.

The integrated TSM Hub platform is at the heart of the new service, acting as a single connection point from which mobile operators, banks, public transport authorities and other service providers can plug into to provide and manage mobile contactless services across an interoperable eco-system, which is expected to extend across the Nordic region in the longer term.

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