ENISA calls for Expression of Interest for Membership of the Permanent Stakeholders’ Group

This Call invites nationals of the Member States of the European Union and EFTA countries, to be appointed “ad personam” as experts. This means they neither represent a country, nor a company, but are selected upon the basis of their own specific expertise and personal merits.  

Twenty experts representing the following areas will be appointed:

  • The information and communication technology (ICT) industries, including, e.g. fixed and mobile electronic communications providers, internet service providers, network and information security service providers, hardware and software industries;
  • Consumer organisations, including, e.g., experts from finance sector, energy sector or health sector, internet users associations and non-governmental organisation representing consumers;
  • Academic institutions, including experts in e.g. cryptology, biometrics, risk analyses, network and information security, and electronic process.

Candidates are invited to submit an application in accordance with the procedure set out in the Call notice on the ENISA website. Applications by 5 January 2015.


PSG role

The PSG advises the Agency in respect of the performance of its activities. In particular it advises the Executive Director on drawing up a proposal for the Agency’s annual work programme, and on ensuring the communication with the relevant stakeholders on all related issues.

The PSG is composed of 1) nominated representatives and 2) experts appointed “ad personam”.

According to Article 12 (1) of the ENISA Regulation (EU) 526/2013, the PSG is composed of nominated representatives deriving from national regulatory authorities, data protection and law enforcement authorities, and experts appointed “ad personam”, all in total 23 members.


ENISA’s Strategic Objectives

From 2015 onwards ENISA’s core operational activities are aligned with the following strategic objectives:

  • To develop and maintain a high level of expertise of EU actors taking into account evolutions in Network & Information Security (NIS).
  • To assist the Member States and the Commission in enhancing capacity building throughout the EU.
  • To assist the Member States and the Commission in developing and implementing the policies necessary to meet the legal and regulatory requirements of Network and Information Security.
  • To enhance cooperation both between the Member States of the EU and between related NIS communities.

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