NFC applications beyond payment will play a key role for massive technology adoption

These markets include retail, loyalty and marketing, transport, automotive, healthcare, gaming, consumer services, industrial services, government identity, enterprise internal services, smart cities, etc. This Smart Insights Report explores in detail all of these segments, describes the specifics of each market, identifies use cases, major players in each market segment, and stakes that will spur the development of each market segment. It also includes market forecasts for each market segment that demonstrate the weight of non-payment NFC applications in the global development of the NFC ecosystem.

For instance, NFC brings an essential added value in the retail and marketing segment as it allows combining interactive advertising through smart posters with a one-to-one consumer interaction while the end-user is actually shopping. NFC allows to bring targeted services to each consumer, taking into account his shopping preferences and constraints.

In the healthcare segment, NFC applications bring, at the same time, a better adaptation of the services to the specific needs of each patient and a global cost reduction. For instance, by implementing NFC-enabled diagnostic devices, patients can have diagnostics completed without leaving their home and collected thanks to NFC handsets, which allows to deliver better diagnostic results and reduces the expenses incurred by the healthcare system.

The Smart Insights Report “NFC applications beyond payment to boost adoption” demonstrates that NFC applications beyond payment will play a key role thanks to the ease of use and versatility of the technology, therefore advancing its adoption and the development of the infrastructure globally.

Thierry Spanjaard, CEO of Smart Insights said: “The NFC technology community has been focusing on payment applications for years. This new Smart Insights Report demonstrates the wealth of applications brought by NFC goes way beyond the payment use case. Now that NFC handsets are widely available we are witnessing a fast development of applications in all market segments, especially for retail, transportation and consumer electronics.”

Jean-Christophe Lecosse, CNRFID General Manager added: “The NFC developments beyond payment allow to demonstrate the applicative values brought by the technology. These applicative values including contextual information, identification, access control and smart objects management, among others, show the advantages NFC can bring in all aspects of our lives.”

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