NTT DOCOMO expands FIDO authentication with New FIDO Certified™ Devices and Services

The password problem is a universal problem that demands a global ecosystem to effect a revolutionary solution. FIDO Alliance members commit to share technology and collaborate with one another to develop open and interoperable specifications for universal strong authentication.  Open and scalable FIDO standards provide an alternative to passwords that is more secure, private and easier-to-use. FIDO standards address a range of platforms from mobile to the cloud to the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market.

As a market leader with a clear strategic investment in the FIDO ecosystem, NTT DOCOMO joined the FIDO Alliance Board of Directors and has been contributing to development of FIDO standards and best practices. NTT DOCOMO is responsible for establishing and chairing the FIDO Deployment-at-Scale Working Group (D@SWG), which was formed to accelerate overall deployments of FIDO solutions by bringing together online service providers and device manufacturers to share lessons learned, produce case studies, and establish industry best practices for deploying FIDO authentication at Internet scale.

NTT DOCOMO has enhanced their FIDO UAF product portfolio with six new FIDO Certified smart phones, and now offers customers a choice of 10 devices.  The first to offer multi-modal biometric options as announced in its original FIDO deployment, NTT DOCOMO also provides biometric fingerprint touch or swipe, or iris in its newest NTT DOCOMO branded FIDO UAF smart phones from OEM manufacturers, Fujitsu, Sharp and Sony Mobile Communications.

NTT DOCOMO will enhance its carrier billing payment partners’ services by extending FIDO authentication to third-party operators.  NTT DOCOMO is committed to driving authentication standardization in order to create a world without passwords, by offering its ecosystem partners integration with their FIDO-enabled DOCOMO ID service.

“By eliminating passwords with FIDO standards, we are able to deliver a superior end-user experience that includes enhanced security features; we are very excited to extend FIDO standards in new FIDO Certified devices as well as enabling more of our services,” said Seiji Maruyama, Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Product Department, NTT DOCOMO, INC. “After we became a FIDO Alliance board member in May, we began collaborating to drive and invigorate the FIDO ecosystem. Open FIDO standards facilitate expansion throughout the ecosystem for our partner OEMs to deliver many FIDO Certified devices to the marketplace.”


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