Oberthur Technologies supplies BRD with multi-application dual interface payment cards

BRD, a subsidiary of Société Générale and market leader in Romania, was already a pioneer in contactless payment in this country. Capitalising on their leading position, BRD’s willingness was to bring even more value to their customers, through contactless payment and related technology.

In this context, they chose Oberthur Technologies to launch the MultiPass Transport card, in collaboration with RATB and Metrorex, the transport operators of Bucharest. Cardholders can now easily wave their MultiPass Transport card in front of validators in the bus, in the tram or in the metro. In addition, this MasterCard Paypass® card can also be used for contact or contactless payment.

In parallel, BRD launched the Supporter Card, a multi-application card, for football fans. The bank has signed agreements with several Romanian League 1 football clubs. Thanks to Oberthur Technologies’ Smart OneCard solution integrated in BRD’s website, customers can personalise the visual of their card among dozens available in a gallery or by uploading a personal photo. Then, the card is used to grant physical access through the stadium gates equipped with contactless turnstiles.

BRD also offers its customers the ability to use alternative contactless payment form factors such as stickers pasted on the back of their mobile phone or keyrings.

„At BRD we work hard to find innovative ways to make our customers’ life easier and smarter. Such multi-application payment cards combining services used everyday like usual payment and public transport access, or linked to their preferences, hobbies or lifestyle, like for our Supporter Card, enable us to strengthen our relationship with our existing customers, while attracting new ones. Oberthur Technologies’ multi-application cards and related personalisation solutions like Smart OneCard, were perfect tools to serve our strategy“ said Ciprian NICOLAE , Projects Director-Cards Department at BRD.

„We are particularly enthusiastic of this long-term collaboration with BRD. They clearly show the way towards easy, customer-focused implementations of multi-application payment card programmes“, said Eric Duforest, Managing Director Europe at Oberthur Technologies. „Leveraging on this success story, we are now proposing to our customers packaged offerings targeting precise markets such as Transport, Universities, Sport fans, Corporate badges, or Frequent Flyer cards“.


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