OMNISECURE – Conference formats

OMNISECURE will prove to be innovative in many ways. One new feature of the event will be the complete overhaul of our conference formats. The aim of the changes we are making is both to promote mutual exchange and to significantly improve the communication of content. Short pitches, discourses and interactive sessions, for example, will help to integrate conference participants more than ever before. As always, one of the main features of our event will be the facilitation of first-class networking.

Knowledge transfer forum

German and international experts will be sharing their knowledge and experience in knowledge transfer forums. We will examine the application fields for digital identity, and present and discuss new projects and processes.

Discussion forum

The focus of the 70-minute discussion forums will be on restructuring and continuation. Leaders from the world of business, politics, research and public administration will share their respective views and together discuss the challenges arising from digital identity. Clear questions from the chair as well as audience involvement will help to ensure that discussions are lively and controversial.

Good practice studio

In 40-minute good practice studios, OMNISECURE partners will be presenting successful projects and new solutions from different application fields for digital identity. Experts from the business and research communities will round off the presentations and expand the framework of information.

Thought factory

The main emphasis in the 60-minute talk factories will be on creativity. Starting with concrete questions, participants in these interactive sessions will develop innovative approaches. Different formats such as the world café method will be used. These thought factories will be chaired by associates of Fraunhofer FOKUS.

Innovations studio

In the innovation studios, new businesses will present themselves in short pitches covering different conference topics. After an introductory round, start-ups will discuss their solutions in small groups with conference participants.

Networking and an exhibition with successful solutions

A focal point of the conference is an exhibition of successful solutions, which is also the venue for coffee breaks and for the second of two evening receptions. This makes the exhibition the perfect place for networking, both for making new contacts and for developing existing ones. Digital identity networks are in a constant state of flux and change. New ideas and experience are interdependent and they need to be brought together. The first evening will be devoted entirely to this goal. On this occasion a number of selected start-ups will introduce themselves in short pitches and seek to exchange their ideas with the business and political communities.

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